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Ahmad J Naous, Layla Zahwi
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2018, VOL. 3, ISSUE 5



The Medication Therapy and Innovation of  

HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno


Miracle Sea

External Medicine & Rice Clove Potion

that Can Cure Cancer, and

Other Several Crisis Disease



Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah, SWT cause of your gift to me so that I can finished my dissertation proposal about my medication the Innovation that I was find it to help other people in curing their disease, almost all of the disease in this world cause of this is a Miracle by Allah, Subhanallohu Wata’ala (God) to me that already I made research in ten years in Surabaya, Indonesia.


Special thank to my Ancestor that is Prophet MUHAMMED, SAW that I need his intercession so that I continue his kindness to all of the people who need my help, especially the person that ever broken my heart but I will still help them if they need my help, I always remember the message of my great Ancestors Prophet MUHAMMED, SAW.


Also special thank to my Great Grand Mother Her Most Majesty Queen Victoria and her husband My great Grandfather PAKUBUWONO IX, my Grandfather PAKUBUWONO X and his wife Princess Of Bali : Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai, then my Papie Mamie (father and mother) His Most Majesty DR (HC) Ir. Soekarno (President) & DR (HC) GKR Dewi Kencana that always pray and motivate me until this dissertation can be finished in Friday on Januari 11, 2019.


Not forget to thank to my husband : HRH. SHRI  DR. Arya Wedakarna for his support and love so that I got my first child name : Anak Agung Gede Agung Rahma Putra, then my second child : IGN. Bhisma Vedanta, then my little girl Alexandrina Victoria Chandramaya, and my twin angel child in heaven : Bayu Sanga Buana & Melati Dewi.


Special thanks to Supreme Council of GSFEN Worldwide Education and Moskwa Russia HE. Sir Prince Duke Dr. Blessing Lawal, as the founder of GSFEN-B.SC, MBA, MBS, MMIS, MCOM, MCIB, MCIE, FCFM, FMVA, ACT, CMRA, CVEP, CDMP, CPPP, CFA, TEFL, Sir, Ph.D, as my Professor that guide me in this dissertation.


Special thanks to Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa) Miss Sherill Francisco that accompany and support me in this writing.

Special thanks to my Oldest Brother World Great Leader Mr DR. Agha Tarek H Khan (Amba-Dr.Agha Tarek H Khan) IHM ChiefPresident/ Chief Peace Ambassador/ world Chairman, World Peace, Comittee 202 Countries.


Special thanks to my eldest sister DR (HC) Megawati Soekarnoputri, the fifth President of Indonesia, as the first daughter of  His Most Majesty DR (HC) Ir. President Soekarno.


Although not forget my special thanks to My Adoptive Father : Mr. Mohammad Nazar Effendi, SH, thank you for the guidance in Advocates learning in the office M.N. Effendi, SH & Rekan, and my Adoptive mother Madam Wahyuni Zainuddin Aziz for the special love and her patience in love and took care of me while my first Adoptive father and mother had died in 2007 and 2010 that name : Mr. Mohammad Faqih and Madam Nanik Suyati (the grand daughter of Sultan Sugih Hamengkubuwono VII) for loving me and took care of me since I was still little baby while my mother got sick  48 years ago.


Special love for my lovely Advocates : my sister Rini Pujiastutik, SH, my brother Nurul Anwar, SH, MH, and Wahyu Christianto, SH.


And all of the very very very lovely person that I can’t mentioned one by one in this dissertation. Thank you all. Thank you very much.



HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno



HRH                Her/ His Royal Highness

BPJS               Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan

DR (HC)         Doctor Honoris Causa




To get Doctoral Programme As DR (HC), as the only posterity of my mother Professor DR (HC) GKR. Kentjana that had special ability in helping people’s to cure their disease, I feel touched/ called to be human just like my mother that always want and try to help others. I need to introduce my mother the really great mother that can born me as her child even very hard to had baby while my father His Most Majesty DR (HC) Ir. Soekarno was already sick when I was born, I was born in June 12, 1970 in Surabaya, Indonesia, my mother was leave me to her big family while She was sick after born me in nine day  after it happen, then my father died. A very sad story wasn’t it. But I must rise, I won’t give up just like my father told me in my dream to stay fight eventhough it’s very hard, even there was still no any friend that could accompany me in my sadness and adversity. It’s true that often my faher visited me in my dreams and gave me a lot of learning how to stay survive still alive eventhough it’s very hard, and how to be a great leader beginning in helping so many people’s that need our help but not ask them to repay our good deeds to them, just asking for the kindness from God only.


It made me became more stronger when I believe that all of our kindness will come back more and more while we gave it with sincerity, as God never sleeps. Just only with sincerity, we could become success person even the most influential person in the wold, that was my belief.


So I always think what could made people’s becoming a very healthy person, eventhough the poeple sick, but ther’ll be the x factor already given by God to cure any disease, I just had to find it, I think just like that.




In this modern age, people in this world knew so many disease like as Cancer, especially the mother of the disease that is Diabetes, lung disease, stroke, high blood pressure, vertigo, decreased immunity (Lymph node disease), HIV, all uterus/ womb disease, etc  was and will always bother the people’s life.


I am as the posterity of my great grandmother Queen Victoria feel touched/ called to find a new discovery/ innovation in finding the medicine that can cure all so many crisis disease, I hope. I’ve been told that my great grandmother Queen Victoria was a scientific person that can very appriciate other’s discovery in science, even not miss my mother that teach me to be a person that can help other’s to be recover from other’s problem, and from other’s disease. Yes, my mother teach me to become doctor or professor that can help other’s to solve their problem, and their sickness.


I always think and think to solve this problem, I try to find the very very special medicine especially external medicine that can help me to medicate the sick people without endanger kidney health.


The beginning was in 2008, when my special friend, from Surabaya, Indonesia got sick named Endometriosis, She ever help me in the past, then I feel  touched/ called for helping her in curing her disease.


I try to made some potion from snake venom and the outermost outer snake skin that already leaved by the snake (called plungsungan, in Indonesian language).


I gave it to her and ask her to smear her stomach (the outer skin of her stomach), she did it routine every time three times a day, even more if  her stomach was sick caused of the cancer encroached on her stomach. Finally after the seventh day she used the potion made from snake venom and the outermost outer snake skin that already leaved by the snake (called plungsungan, in Indonesian language), her vagina was released the Endometriosis just like broken grape shaped bleeding, it’s true the bleeding was the shape just like broken grapes.


The most surprise when she made medical check up, the doctor that examine her see no Endometriosis anymore in her uterus.


It was a very exciting good deeds I’d been done, I was feel so happy by her recovery, not forget thank to Allah, SWT (God) cause of this happiness and we congratulate each other for this success.


This experience made me feel confident that I was born for this reason that is helping people in solve their problem even their disease, this just people said like father like daughter, yeah my father PYM. DR (HC) Ir. Soekarno ever took care of poor people that got sick before He became The Indonesian Proclamator, then the first President of Indonesia, then The initiator and founder of United Nation. I ever unbelieve that I was born as a leader, as my mother often said to me, but I always ward it, cause I had no confidence yet at the time before this experience.




There are so many poor people in this world, especially in Indonesia the place I lived in more over almost this 48  (fourty eight)  years, that needs free social medication cause of they don’t have money yet to solve their problem in curing their disease, that relatively expensive treatment/ therapy by medical science.


I try to give these people free medication with the special gift that God had given to me by made this potion named :  “Miracle sea External Medicine”.


Why Miracle cause this external medicine had been proven that can be used to take care of the sick people, and alhamdulillah (thank God) The sick people really cured from all of their disease.




In Indonesia, medical treatment in hospital still expensive, almost there are one bad statement “ poor people forbidden to be sick” , eventhough now in Mr. Jokowi The President of Indonesia now already made BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan) Program, but in this year too, some private hospital resigned, cause of they cannot survive in following the rules in BPJS  Program by the government.



Types of Research

This type of research is qualitative descriptive with a survey approach. Qualitative descriptive explained that cancer, and other several crisis disease can be cured by The Miracle Sea External Medicine therapy by my activity in took care of the sick people in the place of reasearch, most of them was in poor economic condition, if they came to hospital, they’ll lost all of their financial power to pay for the medical treatment in hospital, otherwise there are several people use BPJS  but  mostly they still sick because of The Company of BPJS is lack of money (Deficit), the people’s contribution was not enough to cover all of the recovery of the sick people that claim their sickness in the government by BPJS. More sick people in crisis disease that needs treatnent/ therapy that costs a lot of money than they ever pay to the government by BPJS Company.


Place and Reasearch Time  


The place I was chosen in this research was Surabaya, Indonesia, the place I was born.

And the time beginning in the middle of  2008 – 2018.


Research Procedure

First step             

I annouced to the people that got sick and they had no enough money to took some medical care in hospital like as cancer and other crisis disease like as lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, vertigo, etc.


Second step

I gave them some consultation and also gave them my potion that name : “Miracle Sea External Medicine” plus gave them some therapy with my miracle strong hand to push one of their body point so can penetrate this Miracle Sea External Medicine include the center of their pain.


Third step

I gave them my special rice clove potion for the sick people to drink as the internal medicine that curing of the sick people, how to made it by boiled the rice clove potion with water in 75 ml, after boiled, then the patient can drink it after warm. This image is the rice clove made by me in sachet.




If for other people research might won’t be allowed to made     research with human being as the object of esearch, but in mine, I ca’t obey that rule yet, cause of the sick person in poor condition with no money for their medication, they came to me and ask me to help them in solving their sickness, I can’t refuse not to medicate them, I always help people who came to me and asking me for helping them.


This is the list of the person/ patient already recover/ cured from all of their disease :






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