Patron and Ambassador

USA Presidential Advisory Board,  Doctor of International Diplomatic WORLD UNIVERSITY OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN SCIENCES, The American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations (ADMIR) is the world’s humanitarian Intergovernmental organization,  held in United States of America. That meeting approved the establishment of the Department of State in Florida, and the stage was set for the weaving of a web of provisions and institutions that came to be known as the inter-American system, the oldest international institutional system

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION (IOHR) is an international nongovernmental organization, for general public interest, nonprofit, apolitical, which aims to: promote and defend fundamental rights and civil liberties, political, socio-economic and cultural rights under the universal declaration of un and improve the level of family life, providing protection and health, job, shelter and a clean environment, according to international standards and fulfillment of the aspirations of human beings.

Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna

DR. RAM KRISHNA SHAH Ph.D  is educationist , Social activist and  world renowned Scholar of Alternative Medicine. He is presently Representative to United Nations [ ECOSOC ] , New York, USA. He is an active Council Member of Asian American Advisory council, Secretary of State Jessy white, Illinois USA, and President: The Human Rights Council of America, State of Illinois, USA and Global Unani Medicine and Research Foundation , Chicago, USA and Global Peace and Health  International , Texas, USA.
He is associated with many International Organization worldwide for promotion and popularization of Traditional System of Medicine. He has numerous Awards and Medals to his credit in 25 years of selfless and dedicated services to community and contribution in the field of Alternative Medicine. His work are appreciated by UNITED NATIONS and many National and International Organization worldwide. He is also Author of UNANI  MEDICINE – The Ancient Medical Science 5000B.C.

Dr. N.S. Ravishankar

Dr. N.S. Ravishankar  Ambassador of UIPM

Professional Banker, financial expert, administrator and Management expert offering 33 years of versatile and all round experience in corporate and retail banking, Credit Management, Wealth Management, Portfolio and Risk Managements, Operation Management , R&D, Training, Administration, Management Consultancy, Quality Management and Inspection, Retail Banking, Compliance Operations and Auditing, Product development promotion and market research. Robust hand on experience in Banking and finance with update knowledge and skill.


  • Insightful experience in Business Development and Resources Development (Including Product Development and Marketing Financial Products
  • Expert consultation on various projects of Govt. of India, international agencies like World Bank, IMF, UNESCO, ILO and other premier institutions
  • Finance and Accounts, process, implementation and audit.
  • Experienced in offering being well known behavioral expert, have organized program’s on various management topics and on stress management to senior and managerial personnel. Solid track record of developing and conducting excellent training & presentations for high value-based learning
  • Working closely with different functional heads to ensure the institution objectives are fulfilled.
  • Implement financial strategies to ensure corporate governance and internal control compliance.
  • Develop budgeting, reporting, MIS and forecasting models.
  • Conceptualization, implementation of accounting and financial systems for improving effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • MIS, reporting for effective and efficient decisions and policies of the management.
  • Building and maintaining excellent relationship with Banks, Financial Institutions, Foreign Financial Investors, QID Investors, Mutual Funds, Private Equity Funds .
  • Demonstrable leadership qualities and team motivational and mentoring skills
  • Guest Faculty for leading business school in India and abroad and presented scores of seminars papers presented at national and international seminars on finance, Banking and administration.
  • Financial modeling, preparing financial projections, CMA projections/ Credit proposals, information memorandum, funding proposal and action plan.
  • Several research studies of national and international importance on Finance, Banking and administration
  • Successfully implemented software development models for Banking, Finance and HR